We're Paper House (it's nice to meet you!) For more than 35 years, we've been making cards, magnets, stickers and craft products designed to help you express yourself and personalize your life.

Through the years, we've been proud to make stationery with pets that look just like yours, quirky foods, flowers and icons you relate to, and paper crafting themes for your vacations, family, and hobbies. We love your uniqueness, and we enjoy sharing all the ways we see you celebrating life.

About a year ago, we had an opportunity to learn from members of our community that they experience a lack of representation (not only in the craft world, but in our world as a whole) and we wanted to do something about it. We think enacting positive change starts at home.

So at our house, we started thinking about all the things that make us unique - from the shades of our skin, to the styles of our families, to the ways we interact with the world & each other - and last year, we began building the line "This Is Us" by Paper House. It's a magical product line that celebrates and embraces diversity, because we truly believe that it's our differences that make us beautiful. We learn more everyday and we're dedicated to recognizing, honoring and showcasing those qualities that make us all unique.

We've been collaborating with lots of different artists to approach the themes from a place of authenticity (we only know our own stories, but we love learning each others'!) Our initial launch features 10 artists, and we plan to continue expanding collaborations AND products - this is only the beginning!

•  If you have a question, comment, or concern - reach out!
We want you to love everything you see, and we're committed to resolve any issues you may encounter.

•  If you have suggestions for other themes, or new artists you'd like to see us work with - reach out!
We're always looking for perspectives of what you feel is missing! What do you want that you can't find, that represents YOU? Do you know of an artist that would be a perfect addition to our growing line of themes and styles?

•  If you have an issue with products that celebrate different sexualities, ethnicities, mental health acknowledgement, etc. - this may not be the product line for you.
We respect that everyone has their own views, but we're committed to spreading light and love, and supporting our fellow beautiful humans. We're all different, and not only is that OK - it's amazing.